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This session is for newborn babies preferably under 2 weeks of age (multiples no extra charge). Parent and sibling portraits are welcomed and encouraged during this session. You can expect for this session to start around 10am on the weekend and last up to 2 hours. I like to spend ample time feeding, soothing, and safely posing your new bundle in a quiet relaxed environment. A few days before you take this exciting trip to the studio, I will provide you with detailed instructions on how to prepare yourself and your baby so that your session runs smoothly and flawlessly. Babies are more rested in the mid-morning and with the proper preparation will arrive in a deep sleep so we can start your session immediately.

All props and accessories are included.  I choose to use only hand-selected simple, vintage and delicate fabrics that tastefully enhance the design of your images.  You want your baby to be the main focus, not the props!

*All clothes are washed after each session.

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