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My name is Joanne Luvli and I am a photographer with special techniques in making family portraits into life long memories. My client list includes newborn, child, family, maternity, senior pictures and birthday parties. My love for photography started early, before kids, but it really came to life once I had my son. I got my first DSLR camera 4 years ago and was in love ever since. 

My heart melts for newborns and infants. The joy that you as a mom feel when presented with memories that will last a lifetime is the best gift that I could ever give your family. Capturing your children’s spirits and true happiness is what drives me to be the best at what I do. I will do whatever it takes to get that smile, that big-eyed stare, and that personality that is true to your child, even if it means that I have to roll around in the dirt with them! Children grow up so fast, as I have experienced with my son. What a better way to capture those precious memories than to have them stand still in time with a photograph.

When I am behind the camera, I take my time ensuring that each image results in a replica of my client’s vision.  I have invested in courses and seminars with some of the best newborn photographers to enhance my techniques and receive training on posing and safely handling newborns. Being the extrovert that I am, I enjoy working with all of my clients and seem to miss them once the event is over. Luckily, my client turns into lifetime friends!

I accept a limited number of sessions a month so that i am able to give careful attention to each client and ensure that every detail is carried out to make sure your time spent with me is Simple and Luvli. 

                                                             Joanne Chevalier

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